Testing BDA Drivers Using BDA Filters

You can use the DirectShow Filter Graph Editor (Graphedt.exe) to insert a DirectShow filter instance of your BDA component in a filter graph so that you can test your component. You can obtain the Graph Editor from the Microsoft Windows Driver Kit (WDK).

You can use the Graph Editor to perform rudimentary tests of a BDA component, such as, connecting pins that are exposed by a filter instance of the component to other pins of filter types in the graph.

To use the Graph Editor to thoroughly test functionality of your BDA component, you must build a filter graph that starts with a BDA network provider filter, contains a filter instance of your BDA component, and is rendered, at least, through a demultiplexer filter (packet identifier (PID) filter) to a transport information filter (TIF). The biggest problem with using the Graph Editor is that there is no dedicated application to submit requests via the ITuner interface that the network provider filter implements. However, the network provider filter has associated property pages that provide some limited ability to exercise the ITuner interface.

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