TAEF Error Codes

TAEF can encounter errors for a variety of reasons, such as being unable to connect to a machine for cross machine execution or receiving invalid values for well-known test metadata. When errors occur, TAEF shows an error message and often an HRESULT value associated with the error. Most of the HRESULT values are well-known system error codes, but TAEF will sometimes show custom error codes.

Custom TAEF HRESULT Values

TAEF's custom HRESULT values will be documented in the table below as they are added. Currently, there is only one TAEF-specific HRESULT value.

HRESULT Value Description
TAEF_E_INVALID_TEST_ENVIRONMENT 0x81A40001 A TAEF test requested an invalid test environment via its metadata. Examples of metadata that affect the test environment include RunAs, ThreadingModel, and ActivationContext.

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