Creating a Resource List for a Boot Configuration

After a bus driver enumerates a device, the framework calls the driver's EvtDeviceResourcesQuery callback function. This callback function receives a handle to a resource-list object, which represents an empty resource list. The driver must then do the following to add information to the list, for each type of hardware resource that the device's boot configuration requires:

  1. Fill in a driver-supplied CM_PARTIAL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR structure, which specifies a valid value for a particular resource.

  2. Call WdfCmResourceListAppendDescriptor or WdfCmResourceListInsertDescriptor to add the contents of the CM_PARTIAL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR structure to the resource list.

After the driver's EvtDeviceResourcesQuery callback function returns, the framework passes the resource list to the PnP manager.

Device installers can specify additional resource lists. For more information about additional resource lists, see Hardware Resources.