Restricting the Loading Location of UMDF Drivers

The UMDF platform will fail to load the main UMDF driver binaries from any location other than the %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers\Umdf directory. Therefore, a UMDF INF file must restrict the location where it installs UMDF drivers to that directory. Installing in this directory also ensures that unprivileged users cannot tamper with the UMDF drivers.

To install UMDF driver binaries to %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers\Umdf, the UMDF driver INF file must include an INF DestinationDirs Section that is similar to the following code example.

UMDriverCopy=12,UMDF ; copies to drivers\umdf

"UMDriverCopy" represents an INF-writer-determined name of a section that lists the UMDF driver binaries as shown in the following example.


The CopyFiles directive must also reference the UMDriverCopy section to indicate the list of UMDF driver binaries for the operating system to copy from the source media to the destination as shown in the following example.