Building a PSHED Plug-In

A PSHED plug-in is built by using the WDK like any other Windows Driver Model (WDM) device driver except that in addition to linking to the kernel and the hardware abstraction layer (HAL), a PSHED plug-in must also explicitly link to Pshed.lib.

Note Starting with Windows 7, various Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA) data types have been renamed from earlier versions of the WDK. For more information about these changes, see Renamed WHEA Data Types. If you plan to build an existing PSHED plug-in with Windows 7 or later version of the WDK, you can still use the former WHEA data type names. To do this, add the following information to the sources file that is used to build the plug-in: C_DEFINES = $(C_DEFINES) /DWHEA_DOWNLEVEL_TYPE_NAMES

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