INF Files for PSHED Plug-Ins

A PSHED plug-in is installed by an information (INF) file. INF files for PSHED plug-ins contain the following standard INF file sections:

INF Version Section

INF SourceDisksNames Section

INF SourceDisksFiles Section

INF DestinationDirs Section

INF Manufacturer Section

INF Models Section

INF DDInstall Section

INF DDInstall.Services Section

INF Strings Section

Within the INF Models section, the platform vendor can use any hardware identifier (ID) for the PSHED plug-in. The hardware ID is specified by using the hw-id entry in the Models section, and can be a hardware ID in the ACPI namespace or another device namespace. The vendor can also specify a compatible ID with a value of PNP0C33. This compatible ID is used to define to a Microsoft-compatible hardware error device. The vendor specifies the compatible ID by using the compatible-id entry in the Models section.

A PSHED plug-in's INF file must also include an AddReg directive that references a section in the file that adds an entry to the System\CurrentControlSet\Control\PSHED\Plugins key in the registry. This entry informs the PSHED that the PSHED plug-in is installed in the system. This allows the PSHED to verify that all the installed PSHED plug-ins are successfully loaded every time that the system is started.

For example:

; Example PSHED plug-in INF file

Signature = "$Windows NT$"
Provider = %Msft%
CatalogFile = ""
DriverVer = 01/01/06,1.0

1 = %DiskName%

%FileName% = 1

DefaultDestDir = 12 ; %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers
ExamplePSHEDPlugin.DriverFiles = 12 ; %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers

%Msft% = Microsoft

%DeviceDesc% = ExamplePSHEDPluginInstall,%DeviceId%

OptionDesc = %Description%
CopyFiles = ExamplePSHEDPlugin.DriverFiles
AddReg = ExamaplePSHEDPlugin.AddReg

AddService = %ServiceName%,,ExamplePSHEDPlugin.Service

%FileName%,,,0x00000040 ; COPYFLG_OVERWRITE_OLDER_ONLY


DisplayName = %ServiceName%
Description = %ServiceDesc%
ServiceBinary = %12%\%FileName%

%Msft% = "Microsoft Corporation"
%DiskName% = "Example PSHED Plug-In Installation Disk"
%FileName% = "ExamplePSHEDPlugin.sys"
%DeviceDesc% = "Example PSHED Plug-In Device"
%DeviceId% = "ACPI\PSHEDPI"
%Description% = "Example PSHED Plug-In"
%ServiceName% = "ExamplePSHEDPlugin"
%ServiceDesc% = "Example PSHED Plug-In"
%PSHEDControlPath% = "System\CurrentControlSet\Control\PSHED\Plugins"

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