DISM API Samples

The Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) API allows you to build customized solutions on the DISM platform. You can use the DISM API to install, uninstall, configure, and update Windows® features, packages, and drivers in a Windows image.

In This Section

Basic DISM API Sample

Shows how to use basic DISM functionality including opening an online session, applying an unattend, and getting extended error info.

DISM API Driver Functions Sample

Shows how to mount, commit, and unmount a WIM image, use progress callback, get and enumerate drivers, and open and close a session.

DISM API Package and Feature Functions Sample

Shows how to mount a VHD, get image info, get packages, get package info, add a package, get features, and how to commit while unmounting the image.

DISM API Reference

Using the DISM API

Creating a DISM Application

DISM API Troubleshooting