Represents an internal DISM API concept through which all servicing operations are performed.


typedef UINT DismSession;


You can associate an offline or online Windows image with a DISMSession by calling the DismOpenSession function. All operations on images, including mounting, servicing, committing, and unmounting are done via a DismSession. All APIs that operate on an image accept a DismSession as their first parameter. You can call DismCloseSession Function to release a DISMSession.


Supported host platform

DISM API can be used on any operating system supported by the Windows® Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK). For more information, see the Windows ADK Technical Reference.

Supported image platform

Windows® 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, Windows Server® 2012

DISM API Functions

DISM API Constants

Using the DISM API