OEM Windows Desktop Deployment and Imaging Lab

Getting ready to build and test Windows 10 desktop PCs? This lab provides strategies for designing base images and updating them with command-line tools. The commands can be scripted, helping you quickly customize new images for specific markets to meet your customers' needs.

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Deploy images

Customize Window images

In these labs, you'll modify the Windows image (install.wim). While you can perform most of these tasks in any order, a few have dependencies:

  • Add languages before major updates. Major updates include hotfixes, general distribution releases, or service packs. If you add a language later, you'll need to reinstall the updates.
  • Add major updates before apps. Thes apps include universal Windows apps and desktop applications. If you add an update later, you'll need to reinstall the apps.

To make the changes, you'll mount the image contents into a temporary folder, and use tools like DISM to make the changes. Unmount the images and redeploy. image: Mounting an image, making changes, and unmounting the image

Add desktop applications, tiles, and pins

For Windows desktop applications, you can add them in audit mode, or apply them separately after you've applied a Windows image.

Final tasks Make sure your customizations are included in the recovery image, and optimize the images for quick and easy deployment.