IoT Core manufacturing

Windows 10 IoT Core (IoT Core) is a version of Windows 10 that is optimized for smaller devices with or without a display. IoT Core uses the rich, extensible Universal Windows Platform (UWP) API for building great solutions.

OEMs can manufacture and deploy IoT Core using existing or custom-built hardware. To see existing recommended hardware, see device options and the Hardware Compatibility List.

When developing your own board, see the Minimum hardware requirements for IoT Core.

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What's new in IoT Manufacturing

Find out what we've been working on.

IoT Core manufacturing guides

This guide walks you through creating IoT Core images that can be flashed to retail devices and maintained after they have been delivered to your customers.

IoT Core feature list

Here's the features you can add to IoT Core images.

Windows ADK IoT Core Add-ons contents

The IoT Core ADK Add-Ons include tools to help you customize and create new images for your devices with the apps, board support packages (BSPs), drivers, and Windows features that you choose, and a sample structure you can use to quickly create new images.

IoT Core Add-ons Powershell Commands

These tools are part of the IoT Core ADK Add-Ons, in the \Tools folder. To learn more about these tools, see Windows ADK IoT Core Add-ons.

IoT Core Image Wizard

The IoT Core Image Wizard is a GUI tool to help you create a new workspace and image for your device.

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