Windows ADK IoT Core Add-ons: contents

The Windows 10 IoT Core ADK Add-Ons include OEM-specific tools to create images for your IoT Core devices with your apps, board support packages (BSPs), settings, drivers, and features.

This kit

  • makes IoT Core image creation process easy and simple
  • enables creation of multiple images/image variants easily
  • provides automation support for nightly builds

The IoT Core manufacturing guide walks you through building images with these tools.

Key XML definitions

  • Package definitions (*.wm.xml) : defines a component package
  • Provisioning definitions (customizations.xml) : source file for provisioning settings
  • Feature manifests (*FM.xml) : defines feature composition and feature IDs
  • Feature manifest List (*FMList.xml) : enumerates the FM files
  • Product definitions (*OEMInputFile.xml) : specifies the product composition with the Microsoft features and OEM features included in the product
Name Filename.ext ADK tool build command Output
Package *.wm.xml pkggen.exe buildpkg.cmd *.cab
Provisioning customizations.xml icd.exe buildprovpkg.cmd *.ppkg
Feature manifest *FM.xml featuremerger.exe imageapp.exe - -
Feature manifest list *FMList.xml featuremerger.exe buildfm.cmd MergerdFM/*FM.xml , *
Product *OEMInputFile.xml imageapp.exe buildimage.cmd *.ffu

Code Architecture

  • Root folder
  • Build
    • This is the output directory where the build contents are stored. It starts as empty.
  • Common/Packages
    • Architecture independent, platform independent packages
    • OEMCommonFM.xml - feature manifest file that enumerates common packages and defines common features.
  • Source-<arch>
    • Packages
      • Architecture specific, platform independent packages
      • versioninfo.txt: Current version number.
      • OEMFM.xml - the feature manifest file that enumerates arch specific packages and defines arch specific features.
      • OEMFMList.xml - enumeration of OEM FM files.
    • BSP
      • <bspname>/Packages
        • Architecture specific, platform specific packages
        • <bspname>FM.xml - feature manifest that enumerates the bsp packages and defines supported device layouts and features
        • <bspname>FMList.xml - enumeration of BSP FM files.
          • <bspname>/OemInputSamples
        • sample oeminput files demonstrating how to use the bsp, these files are used as templates in newproduct.cmd
    • Products
      • architecture specific named products
  • Templates
    • Templates used by tools to create new bsp/product
  • Tools

Sample packages

Sample packages are provided in the iot-adk-addonkit that can be used as a reference or as is in your image, if it meets your needs. Few of such packages are listed here.

Common Packages

Package Name Description
Custom.Cmd Package to include the oemcustomization cmd. This is product-specific and picks up the input file from product directory. This also makes an registry entry with the product name.
Provisioning.Auto Package used to add a provisioning package to an image. This is product specific and picks up the input ppkg file from the product directory.
Registry.Version Package containing registry settings with product and version information.
DeviceLayout.GPT4GB Package with GPT drive/partition layout for UEFI-based devices with 4GB drives.
DeviceLayout.GPT8GB-R Package with GPT drive/partition layout for UEFI-based devices with 8GB drives with recovery partition.
DeviceLayout.MBR4GB Package with MBR drive/partition layout for legacy BIOS-based devices with 4GB drives.
DeviceLayout.MBR8GB-R Package with MBR drive/partition layout for legacy BIOS-based devices with 8GB drives with recovery partition.
Settings.HotKey Sample package to demonstrate how to add a registry setting to an image. Read Switching between apps for more details.
Security.SecureBoot Sample package to include secure boot functionality.
Security.Bitlocker Sample package to include bitlocker functionality.
Security.DeviceGuard Sample package to include deviceguard policies.


The security packages contain test contents and you should replace them with your own device specific content when creating your final image. See Security, BitLocker and Deviceguard for more details.

Applications and Services packages

Package Name Description
Appx.IoTCoreDefaultApp Foreground apps package containing IoTCoreDefaultApp, see description.
Appx.DigitalSign Foreground apps package containing DigitalSign, see description.
Appx.IoTOnboardingTask Background apps package containing IoTOnboardingTask, see description.
AzureDM.Services Service package contaiing Azure Device Management


Source files to create board support packages (BSPs).

Some BSPs are included in each folder as a start. You can create your own BSPs based on these packages.

Driver packages

Package Name Description
Drivers.GPIO Sample package for adding a driver.


Source file for product configurations. Use our samples (SampleA, SampleB) or create your own.

Product Description
SampleA Product with Microsoft provided features / apps
SampleB Product using OEM Apps and OEM drivers
SingleLang Product with single non english language support
MultiLang Product with multiple language support
SecureSample Product using security features
RecoverySample Product using recovery mechanism
DigitalSign Sample real life product using various features Cortana, recovery mechanism, security features, multi languages support

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