IoT Core Add-ons Powershell Commands


IoT Core Add-ons command-line is deprecated. Refer to IoT Core Add-ons command-line options for the old list of commands.

The Powershell version of the Windows 10 IoT Core (IoT Core) ADK Add-Ons supports the following commands. These are part of the powershell module IoTCoreImaging. To learn more about these tools, see What's in the Windows ADK IoT Core Add-ons.

Powershell Commands with Alias

Add-IoTAppxPackage (newappxpkg)

Creates Appx OEM package and adds featureID to OEMFM.xml

Add-IoTBSP (newbsp)

Adds new bsp based on a template


Adds bitlocker package for the product

Add-IoTCommonPackage (newcommonpkg)

Creates common (file/reg) OEM package and adds featureID to OEMCOMMONFM.xml


Adds device guard package

Add-IoTDriverPackage (newdrvpkg)

Creates Driver OEM package and adds featureID to OEMFM.xml


Adds a file package and adds the featureID to OEMCOMMONFM.xml

Add-IoTProductFeature (addfid)

Adds feature id to the product's oeminput xml file

Add-IoTProduct (newproduct)

Adds new product based on the OEMInputSamples from BSP

Add-IoTProvisioningPackage (newprovpkg)

Adds provisioning oem package and adds the featureID to OEMCOMMONFM.xml


Adds a registry package and adds the featureID to OEMCOMMONFM.xml


Adds secureboot package for the product


Adds security packages for the product

Add-IoTSignature (signbinaries)

Signs files with the cert set via Set-IoTSignature

Convert-IoTPkg2Wm (convertpkg)

Converts pkg.xml files to wm.xml files

Copy-IoTBSP (copybsp)

Copies BSP between workspaces

Copy-IoTOEMPackage (copypkg)

Copies OEM package between workspaces

Copy-IoTProduct (copyproduct)

Copies product between workspaces

Dismount-IoTFFUImage (ffud)

Dismounts the FFU image

Export-IoTDUCCab (exportpkgs)

Exports the update cab for DUC upload

Export-IoTDeviceModel (exportidm)

Exports the IoT Device Model for DUC registration

Export-IoTFFUAsWims (ffue)

Exports the EFIESP/MainOS/Data partitions as Wims

Get-IoTFFUDrives (ffugd)

Returns a hashtable of the drive letters for the mounted partitions

Get-IoTProductFeatureIDs (gpfids)

Gets features IDs supported in the IoTCore OS

Get-IoTProductPackagesForFeature (gpfidpkgs)

Gets OS packages corresponding to features ID

Get-IoTWorkspaceBSPs (gwsbsps)

Gets the list of BSP names in the workspace

Get-IoTWorkspaceProducts (gwsproducts)

Gets the list of product names in the workspace

Import-IoTBSP (importbsp)

Imports BSP from the given folder / zip file or sample workspace


Imports the certificate for security functions

Import-IoTDUCConfig (importcfg)

Imports the into the product directory

Import-IoTOEMPackage (importpkg)

Imports OEM package from Sample workspace

Import-IoTProduct (importproduct)

Imports Product from Sample workspace


Installs oem pfx files in the certs\private folder

Mount-IoTFFUImage (ffum)

Mounts the FFU image

New-IoTCabPackage (buildpkg)

Creates .cab files

New-IoTFFUCIPolicy (ffus)

Scans the MainOS partition and generates CI policy (initialpolicy.xml)

New-IoTFFUImage (buildimage)

Creates regular FFU

New-IoTFIPPackage (buildfm)

Creates FIP packages and merged FM files

New-IoTInf2Cab (inf2cab)

Creates cab file for the given inf file


Creates new OEM specific certificates

New-IoTProvisioningPackage (buildppkg)

Creates .ppkg files

New-IoTRecoveryImage (buildrecovery)

Creates recovery FFU

New-IoTWindowsImage (newwinpe)

Creates custom winpe with bsp drivers / recovery scripts

New-IoTWorkspace (new-ws)

Creates new workspace

Open-IoTWorkspace (open-ws)

Opens existing workspace

Redo-IoTCabSignature (re-signcabs)

Resigns cab and its contents using Add-IoTSignature

Redo-IoTWorkspace (migrate)

Converts legacy iot-adk-addonkit directory into a workspace

Remove-IoTProductFeature (removefid)

Removes feature id from the product's oeminput xml file

Set-IoTCabVersion (setversion)

Stores the version in the IoTWorkspace.xml

Set-IoTEnvironment (setenv)

Sets environment settings based on the config values in IoTWorkspace.xml

Set-IoTRetailSign (retailsign)

Sets/resets use of the retail code signing certificate

Set-IoTSignature (setsignature)

Sets the Certificate info used for signing


Tests if the Cab package and its contents are signed for the given config


Tests if all feature ids are defined, for the given product / config


Tests all packages and its contents are signed, for the given product / config

Test-IoTRecoveryImage (verifyrecovery)

Verifies if the wim files in the recovery ffu are proper


Tests if the file is signed for the given config

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