IoT Core Image Wizard (Preview release)

The IoT Core Image Wizard is a GUI tool that uses the IoT Core Add-ons Powershell Commands. Using the IoT Core Image Wizard simplifies the process of creating your first image for your device.

Download the IoT Core Image Wizard.

Setup instructions

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Extract to a folder
  3. See the in the extracted files for the prerequisites
  4. Starting with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, you use the RSAT: Server Manager optional feature. Older versions of Windows 10 use the matching package
  5. Once prerequisites are installed, go to the extracted files' folder and run IoTCoreImageWizard.exe

November 2018 Preview release notes

  • Only supports creating a new workspace. Cannot open/edit a workspace. Use the Powershell Commands to open/edit a workspace.
  • Just debug configurations of image builds. If you need to build retail images, use the Powershell Commands.
  • Errors with creating a recovery image. Make sure the OS version matches or is newer than the kits' version. Also, all the kits need to be the same version.

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