List of WPA Graphs

The Graph Explorer window in Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA) displays thumbnails of all graphs that you can use to view the data of the current recording. The following sections detail the available graphs for each graph type.


Depending on the trace recorded and saved in the .etl file, not all graphs listed in the following tables may display in the Graph Explorer when performing your analysis.

System Activity graphs

Graph Name Subtype Name Notes
UI Delays Delays By Process, Type
Marks Grouped By Mark
Device I/O Timeline by Module
Counts by Module
Processes Lifetime by Process
Transient Process Tree
Window in Focus Focus by Process, Thread
Images Transient Lifetime by Process, Image
Lifetime By Process, Image
Generic Events Activity by Provider, Task, Opcode
Trace markers
Application State Application State Timeline
Regions of Interest Regions of Interest
Thread Activities
Thread Lifetimes By Process, Thread
Lifetime By Process, Thread
Stacks Count by Event Name

Computation graphs

Graph Name Subtype Notes
CPU Usage (Sampled) Utilization by Process, Stack
DPC and ISR Usage by Module, Stack
Utilization by CPU
Utilization by Priority
Utilization by Process and Thread
CPU Usage (Precise) Utilization by Process, Thread
Context Switch Count by Process, Thread
Context Switch Rate by CPU
Timeline by CPU
Timeline by Process, Thread
Usage by Priority at Context Switch Begin
Utilization by CPU
DPC/ISR DPC/ISR Duration by Module, Function
DPC Duration by CPU
DPC Duration by Module, Function
DPC Timeline by Module, Function
DPC/ISR Duration by CPU
DPC/ISR Timeline by Module, Function
ISR Duration
ISR Duration by Module, Function
ISR Timeline by Module, Function
CPU Usage (Attributed) Utilization by Process, Thread, Activity

Storage graphs

Graph Name Subtype Notes
Mini-Filter Delays Timeline by Driver, Process, Thread
Count by Mini-Filter
Disk Usage Utilization by Disk, Priority
Activity by IO Type, Process
Counts by IO Type, Priority
Counts by Process, IO Type
Disk Offset
IO Time by Process, IO Type
Service Time by Process, Path Name, Stack
Size by Process, Path Name, Stack
Throughput by Process, IO Type
Utilization by Disk
Utilization by IO Type, Priority
Utilization by Process, Path Name, Stack
Registry County by Operation, Process, Key
Cumulative Handle Count by Process, Key
Elapsed Time by Operation, Process, Key
Elapsed Time By Process, Operation, Key
File I/O Count by Type
Activity by Process, Thread, Type
Count by Process, Thread, Type
Duration by Process, Thread, Type
Size by File Name, Process, Stack for Read/Write
Size by Process, Stack for Read/Write

Memory graphs

Graph Name Subtype Notes
Memory Utilization Utilization by Category
Page Faults Count by Process
Hard Faults Count
Count by Process, File Name
IO Time by Process, File Name
VirtualAlloc Commit LifeTimes Outstanding Commit by Process
Handles Outstanding Count by Process
Cumulative Count by Process
Virtual Memory Snapshots Default
Pool Graphs Outstanding Size by Paged, Tag

Video graphs

Graph Name Subtype Notes
DX Frames Duration by Process, FlipType
GPU Utilization (FM) GPU by Process
Dwm Frame Details Dwm Frame Rate
Dwm Frame E2E
Dwm Frame GPU
Rectangle by Type

Power graphs


Graph Name Subtype Notes
CPU Frequency Frequency by CPU
CPU Idle States State by Type, Cpu
State Diagram by Flags
State Diagram by Type, Cpu
Device Dstate DState by Type, Device
PoFx Component FState FState by Device, Component
PoFx Device Power Requirement Power req by Device
PDC Resiliency Activity Resiliency activity by activator
Platform Idle State Platform IdleState
Platform IdleState, by Time
Platform IdleState, Targeted vs Actual
ThermalZone Temperature Temperature(K) by ThermalZone
Battery Drain Battery Drain
System Latency Tolerance System Latency Tolerance(ns)
SPM Scenarios SPM Duration by State, Scenario
SPM Duration by Scenario, State
Processor Profiles Processor Profiles
Processor Utility Utility by Processor
Affinitized Utility by Processor
Processor Utilization Utilization by Processor
Processor Parking State Parking State by Processor
Core Parking Instantaneous Concurrency Instant Concurrency by Parking Node
Core Parking Concurrency Concurrency by Parking Node
Core Parking Cap State Unpark Cores Cap by Parking Node
Processor Performance Performance by Processor
Processor Frequency Frequency by Processor
Processor Constraints Constraints by Processor

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Graph Explorer

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