Windows app updates

You will find information on the latest major app updates for Windows 10 released to Windows Insiders here. Currently, app updates are sorted by date in which announcements of the app updates are made. In the future, we will be planning to include more details such as version numbers of the apps.

Note: Not all app updates will be listed here. Only app updates that include major changes e.g. new features, etc. will be noted here.

Game Bar


Check out the new Gallery experience in Game bar! Without ever leaving your game, you can now view screenshots and videos taken through Game bar and even share your favorite screenshots directly to Twitter.


Feedback Hub

12/10/2018 (Version 1811)

This update includes:

  • We’ve updated the navigation pane to now use the common control – that means when switching between sections you’ll now see that nice little transition animation!
  • We’ve made some improvements to how the UI flows between different window sizes.
  • Screenshots and Steps capture images can be now be easily reviewed in the app.
  • When creating a new feedback item, that feedback is auto-saved as a draft. If the app closes unexpectedly in the middle of writing feedback, when you re-open the Feedback Hub you’ll now get notified of the existing draft so you can easily resume.
  • You can now check for app updates from the settings page in the Feedback Hub. We’ll also automatically check for app updates on app launch, and you’ll get a notification letting you know one is available.

Snip & Sketch

12/10/2018 (Version 10.1811.3371.0 )

Bring window snip to your modern snipping experience. Start your snip via your preferred entry point (WIN + Shift + S, Print Screen (if you’ve enabled it), directly from within Snip & Sketch, etc.), and select the window snip option at the top, and snip away! That selection will be remembered the next time you start a snip.

Windows Snip

10/31/2018 (Version 10.1809.2964.0)

This update brings several improvements, including:

  • Adding some emphasis. Planning to paste your screenshot somewhere? Does that place have the same color background as the background of your screenshot? When you update to the latest app version you’ll find a new option to add a border to your screenshots – giving them that little bit extra needed to stand out.

  • Printing! Sometimes you want to keep a physical copy of your screenshots – we hear you that it took too many steps before, and have added a button in the toolbar so you can print directly from the app. (You can also print to PDF!)

  • Refining our save options:

    • If you have unsaved changes and go to close a window or open a file that will now pop a confirmation.
    • The default proposed file name will now include a timestamp.
    • Saving now also supports .jpg and .gif file types.
    • New settings page! We’re replacing the old About flyout with a full settings page where you’ll find the aforementioned option to add a border, an option for updates made to your snip to copy automatically to your clipboard, and more. New Settings page

We flighted version 10.1807.2286.0 of Snip & Sketch (née Screen Sketch), which included the highly requested delay snip feature. There was a bug in Build 18219 blocking the New button from working, so please try it out once you upgrade!

Just click the chevron next to the New button in the app and you’ll now find options to Snip now, Snip in 3 seconds, and Snip in 10 seconds. If you have the app open or pinned to your taskbar, you can also just right click the icon in the taskbar to get these options, since we’ve added them to the jump list – let us know what you’d like to see next!

snip & sketch

Sticky Notes

10/31/2018 - Version 3.1.32
Thank you for sharing your feedback on 3.0 release with us. We think you are going to love this update!

Sticky Notes

  • We tested the waters with the Charcoal Note and you all seemed keen to go even darker! Introducing full-on Dark Mode support in Sticky Notes. We support Windows Dark Mode as well as the ability to set your color mode in Sticky Notes to suit your mood independent of your system settings.
  • Everyone seemed excited about Sticky Notes syncing, so we spent some time making it even faster! Check it out and let us know how it feels.

Please give it a shot and let us know on Feedback Hub your thoughts on the new update.

Sticky Notes

Want to get to your notes from anywhere? How about on the web at It will be rolling out worldwide soon – take a look and let us know what you think.

Sticky Notes 3.1 (Skip Ahead only) brings the following:

  • We tested the waters with Charcoal Note and you all seemed keen to go even darker. Introducing full-on Dark Mode!
  • Sync is even faster now, including to your phone via iOS and Android OneNote, rolling out now!

Sticky Notes 3.0 brings the following amazing new features and capabilities:

  • Sync (& backup) your notes across your Windows devices.
  • If you have a lot of notes, your desktop can get a bit crowded! We are introducing a new home for all your notes. You can choose which notes to stick to your desktop or tuck them away and find them again easily with search.
  • We channeled our dark energy into a dark themed note: Charcoal Note.
  • Crossing tasks off feel better than deleting them! Now you can style your note with the new formatting bar.
  • You may notice that Sticky Notes is performing a lot faster – that is completely on purpose.
  • We’ve applied so much polish that the app is starting to look like a shiny pony!
  • Drastic improvements on being more inclusive:
    • Using assistive technologies and Narrator.
    • Keyboard navigation.
    • Using mouse, touch, and pen.
    • High Contrast.

Let us know what you think of Sticky Notes by sending us feedback via Feedback Hub and choosing Apps > Sticky Notes under Category.

Read all about the awesomeness in Sticky Notes 3.0 in this article on our Insider website.

Your Phone app

Text from your PC – stay connected with Your Phone app: Your Phone app is live for Insiders. You must link your Android phone to your computer through Your Phone app. You will receive an app from Microsoft, which you must download to your mobile phone and follow the setup prompts. Android 7.0+ devices are compatible with Your Phone app. For PCs tied to the China region, Your Phone app services will be enabled in the future.

We are still fine tuning the app, so if you are looking for support, check out workarounds in the FAQ.

For iPhone users, Your Phone app helps you to link your phone to your PC. Surf the web on your phone, then send the webpage instantly to your computer to pick up where you left off to continue what you’re doing–read, watch, or browse with all the benefits of a bigger screen. With a linked phone, continuing on your PC is one share away.

Your Phone app gives you instant access to your most recent photos and texts from your Android phone. Snap a pic on your Android, see it on your PC. It’s just easier. Text your friends, group message, and type with a keyboard. Your Phone app allows you to view, send, and receive the SMS from your Android, on your computer.

your phone app

There are a few ways you can text from your PC. We mentioned the ability to type with a keyboard, the obvious. But how about inking a reply? On pen-capable devices, use your digital pen to focus near the text field in Your Phone app’s messages. Ink a message and watch your fresh ink convert to text and send. Or try using just your voice to dictate a message (US English only at this time). Press the Windows logo key + H to start dictation. On a touch keyboard, select the microphone button. Use dictation to make your text entry easier.

You can also now text from your PC. Try out these features and let @VishnuNath know what you think. We can’t wait to hear from you. Love it, like it, or have feedback in any form – share it! Have you pinned Your Phone app to your taskbar yet? We are still fine tuning the app, so if you are looking for support, check out workarounds in Your Phone app FAQ.

Your Phone companion app

Microsoft Apps on Android is now called Your Phone companion app.

Your Phone app on your PC now links you to Your Phone companion app on your Android phone. If you’ve previously installed Microsoft Apps on your Android phone, when the app auto-updates, you’ll see a fresh set of screens that maintain the mobile app’s visual connection to Your Phone app on PC.

Tap or click on Top Microsoft Apps to get 20 quick recommendations. Or click on the left menu button, and browse through mobile apps from Microsoft, organized by app categories.

your phone companion app

Microsoft To-Do

We added support for handwritten input to allow you to capture your tasks seamlessly in Microsoft To-Do (Version 1.39.1808.31001 and higher). Please try it out and let us know what you think by tweeting at @MicrosoftToDo on Twitter. With Ink you now can:

  1. Capture your tasks naturally by writing directly on the list’s surface.
  2. Complete your tasks by striking through them.
  3. Use check-marks within the circle to the left of a task to complete it.