Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows 10

bitsadmin is a command-line tool that you can use to create download or upload jobs and monitor their progress. The bitsadmin tool uses switches to identify the work to perform. You can call bitsadmin /? or bitsadmin /HELP to get a list of switches.

Most switches require a <Job> parameter that you set to the job's display name, or GUID. Note that a job's display name may not be unique. The /create and /list switches return a job's GUID.

By default, you can access information about your own jobs. To access information for another user's jobs, you must have administrator privileges. If the job was created in an elevated state, then you must run bitsadmin from an elevated window; otherwise, you will have read-only access to the job.

Many of the switches correspond to methods in the BITS interfaces. For additional details that may be relevant to using a switch, see the corresponding method.

Use the following switches to create a job, set and retrieve the properties of a job, and monitor the status of a job. For examples that show how to use some of these switches to perform tasks, see bitsadmin examples.


bitsadmin addfile
bitsadmin addfileset
bitsadmin addfilewithranges
bitsadmin cache
bitsadmin cancel
bitsadmin complete
bitsadmin create
bitsadmin getaclflags
bitsadmin getbytestotal
bitsadmin getbytestransferred
bitsadmin getclientcertificate
bitsadmin getcompletiontime
bitsadmin getcreationtime
bitsadmin getcustomheaders
bitsadmin getdescription
bitsadmin getdisplayname
bitsadmin geterror
bitsadmin geterrorcount
bitsadmin getfilestotal
bitsadmin getfilestransferred
bitsadmin gethelpertokenflags
bitsadmin gethelpertokensid
bitsadmin gethttpmethod bitsadmin getmaxdownloadtime
bitsadmin getminretrydelay
bitsadmin getmodificationtime
bitsadmin getnoprogresstimeout
bitsadmin getnotifycmdline
bitsadmin getnotifyflags
bitsadmin getnotifyinterface
bitsadmin getowner
bitsadmin getpeercachingflags
bitsadmin getpriority
bitsadmin getproxybypasslist
bitsadmin getproxylist
bitsadmin getproxyusage
bitsadmin getreplydata
bitsadmin getreplyfilename
bitsadmin getreplyprogress
bitsadmin getsecurityflags
bitsadmin getstate
bitsadmin gettemporaryname
bitsadmin gettype
bitsadmin getvalidationstate
bitsadmin help
bitsadmin info
bitsadmin list
bitsadmin listfiles
bitsadmin makecustomheaderswriteonly bitsadmin monitor
bitsadmin nowrap
bitsadmin peercaching
bitsadmin peers
bitsadmin rawreturn
bitsadmin removeclientcertificate
bitsadmin removecredentials
bitsadmin replaceremoteprefix
bitsadmin reset
bitsadmin resume
bitsadmin setaclflag
bitsadmin setclientcertificatebyid
bitsadmin setclientcertificatebyname
bitsadmin setcredentials
bitsadmin setcustomheaders
bitsadmin setdescription
bitsadmin setdisplayname
bitsadmin sethelpertoken
bitsadmin sethelpertokenflags
bitsadmin sethttpmethod bitsadmin setmaxdownloadtime
bitsadmin setminretrydelay
bitsadmin setnoprogresstimeout
bitsadmin setnotifycmdline
bitsadmin setnotifyflags
bitsadmin setpeercachingflags
bitsadmin setpriority
bitsadmin setproxysettings
bitsadmin setreplyfilename
bitsadmin setsecurityflags
bitsadmin setvalidationstate
bitsadmin suspend
bitsadmin takeownership
bitsadmin transfer
bitsadmin util
bitsadmin wrap