bitsadmin removecredentials

Removes credentials from a job.

BITS 1.2 and earlier: Not supported.


bitsadmin /RemoveCredentials <Job> <Target> <Scheme>


Parameter Description
Job The job's display name or GUID
Scheme One of the following:
- BASIC—authentication scheme in which the user name and password are sent in clear-text to the server or proxy.
- DIGEST—a challenge-response authentication scheme that uses a server-specified data string for the challenge.
- NTLM—a challenge-response authentication scheme that uses the credentials of the user for authentication in a Windows network environment.
- NEGOTIATE—also known as the Simple and Protected Negotiation protocol (Snego) is a challenge-response authentication scheme that negotiates with the server or proxy to determine which scheme to use for authentication. Examples are the Kerberos protocol and NTLM.
- PASSPORT—a centralized authentication service provided by Microsoft that offers a single logon for member sites.


The following example removes credentials from the job named myDownloadJob.

C:\>bitsadmin /RemoveCredentials myDownloadJob SERVER BASIC

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