bitsadmin setaclflag

Sets the access control list (ACL) propagations flags for the job. The flags indicate that you want to maintain the owner and ACL information with the file being downloaded. For example, to maintain the owner and group with the file, set Flags to OG.


bitsadmin /SetAclFlags <Job> <Flags>


Parameter Description
Job The job's display name or GUID
Flags Specify one or more of the following flag values:
- O: Copy owner information with file.
- G: Copy group information with file.
- D: Copy DACL information with file.
- S :Copy SACL information with file.


The SetAclFlags switch is used to maintain Owner and access control list information when a job is downloading data from a Windows (SMB) share.


The following example sets the access control list propagation flags for the job named myDownloadJob to maintain the owner and group information with the downloaded files.

C:\>bitsadmin /setaclflags myDownloadJob OG

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