set option

Sets the options for shadow copy creation. If used without parameters, set option displays help at the command prompt.


set option {[differential | plex] [transportable] [[rollbackrecover] [txfrecover] | [noautorecover]]}


Parameter Description
[differential] Specifies to create a point-in-time snapshot of specified volumes.
[plex] Specifies to create a point-in-time clone copy of the data on a specified volume.
[transportable] Specifies that the shadow copy is not to be imported yet. The metadata .cab file can later be used to import the shadow copy to the same or a different computer.
[rollbackrecover] Signals writers to use autorecover during the PostSnapshot event. This is useful if the shadow copy will be used for rollback (for example, with data mining).
[txfrecover] Requests VSS to make the shadow copy transactionally consistent during creation.
[noautorecover] Stops writers and the file system from performing any recovery changes to the shadow copy to a transactionally consistent state. Noautorecover can't be used with txfrecover or rollbackrecover.

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