Health Service actions

Applies to: Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016

The Health Service is a new feature in Windows Server 2016 that improves the day-to-day monitoring and operational experience for clusters running Storage Spaces Direct.


The next section describes workflows which are automated by the Health Service. To verify that an action is indeed being taken autonomously, or to track its progress or outcome, the Health Service generates "Actions". Unlike logs, Actions disappear shortly after they have completed, and are intended primarily to provide insight into ongoing activity which may impact performance or capacity (e.g. restoring resiliency or rebalancing data).


One new PowerShell cmdlet displays all Actions:



In Windows Server 2016, the Get-StorageHealthAction cmdlet can return any of the following information:

  • Retiring failed, lost connectivity, or unresponsive physical disk

  • Switching storage pool to use replacement physical disk

  • Restoring full resiliency to data

  • Rebalancing storage pool

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