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Windows Admin Center is a locally deployed, browser-based app for managing servers, clusters, hyper-converged infrastructure, and Windows 10 PCs. It comes at no additional cost beyond Windows and is ready to use in production.

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Visit the Microsoft Eval Center to download Windows Admin Center now.

Don’t be confused by the location on “Eval Center.” This is where you can get the generally available version.

What's new?

You can update non-preview versions of Windows Admin Center by using Microsoft Update or by manually installing. Each non-preview version of Windows Admin Center is supported until 30 days after the next non-preview version is released. See our support policy for more info.

Simple & lightweight
Familiar tools are streamlined to make management tasks a breeze. Install in under 5 minutes and manage servers in your environment immediately, no target configuration required.
Built for the future
Integration with Azure services helps you leverage the power of the hybrid world. Manage Hyper-Converged clusters with powerful yet simple tools.
Secure management
Control who can manage servers and get insight into the actions administrators perform in your environment.

Learn how Windows Admin Center can improve management of your server environment.

See how customers are benefitting from Windows Admin Center

"[Windows Admin Center] has decreased our time/effort in managing the management system by over 75%."
- Rand Morimoto, President, Convergent Computing
"Thanks to [Windows Admin Center], we can manage our customers remotely from HTML5 portal without problem and with the full integration with Azure Active Directory, we are able to increase the security thanks to the Multi-Factor Authentication."
- Silvio Di Benedetto, Founder and Senior Consultant, Inside Technologies
“We have been able to deploy [Server Core] SKUs in a more effective way, improving resource efficiency, security and automation while still achieving a good degree of productivity and reducing errors that can happen when relying on scripting only.”
- Guglielmo Mengora, Founder and CEO, VaiSulWeb
“With [Windows Admin Center] customers especially in the SMB market now have an easy to use tool to manage their internal infrastructure. This minimizes administrative efforts and saves a lot of time. And the best of it: there are no additional license fees for [Windows Admin Center]!”
- Helmut Otto, Managing Director, SecureGUARD

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Windows Admin Center is designed for managing a single server or cluster. It complements but does not replace existing Microsoft monitoring and management solutions, such as Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT), System Center, Intune, or Azure Stack.

Learn how Windows Admin Center complements other Microsoft management solutions.

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