Contact the Datacenter and Cloud Networking Team

Applies To: Windows Server 2016

Microsoft's Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Container Networking solutions are created by the Datacenter and Cloud Networking Team. Please use this page to be in touch with the team--to ask questions, provide feedback, report bugs or make feature requests.

There are many avenues for contacting Microsoft teams, and while we do our best on the SDN team to follow all of the avenues used by our community, here's a list of forums that tend to be the most active. These are key resources for our users, and as such they are the avenues that we watch the closest.


Recently, we launched our presence on Twitter as @Microsoft_SDN. Feel free to use our Twitter handle to ask questions, provide feedback or make feature/documentation requests.

In addition to a place where you can reach out with questions/feedback/requests, consider Twitter the place to get your "feed" on everything SDN and Windows container networking related -- Twitter is the first place we'll post news, announce new features and point the community to all of our latest blogs and resources.

GitHub (Microsoft/SDN repo)

Go here to submit issues to the SDN team via our GitHub repository. This is the best place to get help troubleshooting or report bugs.

GitHub is the best place to contact us about topics that involve more detail than the kinds of things you could easily fit in a Tweet. Need help with your SDN deployment? Unsure about how our features could suit your organization's unique needs? Being held up by a potential bug? All good reasons to get in touch with us by submitting a GitHub issue.

Microsoft Docs

Our Container Networking documentation can be found on Microsoft Docs (, which has built-in commenting functionality. To leave or to reply to a comment on Microsoft Docs just sign in, scroll down to the bottom of the Microsoft Docs page that you wish to reference, then make and submit your comment there.

Microsoft Docs is Microsoft's new unified documentation site. While most of our team's SDN documentation remains on TechNet, our Container Networking documentation is now on Microsoft Docs.

In general, If you run into a topic on Microsoft Docs that sparks a question or leaves you wanting more, just leave a comment on that page to share your feedback with the Microsoft team that can help.

Container-Specific Forums

Feel free to use any avenue on this page to provide feedback related to containers and container networking. However, if you're looking for Microsoft's primary forums for the container community specifically, refer to the following:

Not seeing the forum for you?

Whenever possible, we encourage use of our public forums so that the broader community can benefit from access to the questions and comments that come our way. However, we also recognize that there are situations where email is simply the preferred way to get in touch with us. If you're in one of those situations, please send us an email at and we'll be happy to hear from you.