Deploying MultiPoint Services

This guide describes how to deploy a server running MultiPoint Services and set up MultiPoint stations, install and configure your system, set up user accounts, and perform some basic administration tasks, such as turning on Disk Protection and setting up backups, before you start using your system.


For additional support, see the MultiPoint Services Help, which can be opened by clicking the Help icon or F1 on any MultiPoint Manager or MultiPoint Dashboard screen.

The deployment information is organized in the following way. At a minimum, you need to complete the tasks for deploying your system and preparing your environment for users. Other tasks might or might not apply to your environment.

  • Deploy a new MultiPoint Services System

    Set up your MultiPoint Services computer and stations. Install and configure MultiPoint Services; set up your stations; install drivers, updates, and software; optionally join a domain; add client licenses (CALs) for each station.

  • Optional configuration tasks for a MultiPoint Services deployment

    Perform optional configuration tasks. Set up a split-screen station; add printers; enable access over a wireless LAN; create virtual desktops for stations with the Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 operating system; change the display language for the system or for individual users.

  • Prepare your MultiPoint Services system for users

    Plan and create user accounts; restrict users' access to the server; for open access, configure stations for automatic logon; allow multiple sessions for shared user accounts; implement file sharing for users.

  • System administration in MultiPoint Services

    Perform some basic server administration tasks before you start using the server. Turn on Disk Protection; install Server Backup; to save power, configure sleep settings; configure group policies and the Registry for a domain deployment.

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