Troubleshooting Windows Server components

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Microsoft regularly releases both updates for Windows Server. To ensure your servers can receive future updates, including security updates, it's important to keep your servers updated. Check out - Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 update history for a complete list of released updates.

This section contains advanced troubleshooting topics and links to help you resolve issues with Windows Server. Additional topics will be added as they become available.

Troubleshoot Activation

Troubleshoot AD Forest Recovery

Troubleshoot AD Replication

Troubleshoot AD FS

Troubleshoot AoVPN

Troubleshoot Converged NIC

Troubleshoot DFSR

Troubleshoot DirectAccess

Troubleshoot Disk Management

Troubleshoot DNS

Troubleshoot Failover Cluster

Troubleshoot FSRM

Troubleshoot Guarded Fabric

Troubleshoot Multi-site RAS

Troubleshoot Nano Server

Troubleshoot NIC Teaming

Troubleshoot OTP Authentication

Troubleshoot QoS

Troubleshoot S2D

Troubleshoot SDN

Troubleshoot RDS Session Connectivity

Troubleshoot Shielded VM

Troubleshoot Software Restriction Policies

Troubleshoot Storage Migration

Troubleshoot Storage Replica

Troubleshoot User Profiles

Troubleshoot vRSS

Troubleshoot WebProxy

Troubleshoot Windows Admin Center