Get ONNX models for Windows ML


Windows ML is a pre-released product which may be substantially modified before it’s commercially released. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here.

To try out the pre-released Windows ML, you'll need the Windows 10 Insider Preview (Build 17728 or higher) and the Windows 10 SDK (Build 17723 or higher).

Windows ML evaluates models in the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) format. ONNX is an open format for ML models, allowing you to interchange models between various ML frameworks and tools.


Windows ML requires ONNX models, version 1.2 or higher.

To get an ONNX model to use with Windows ML, you can:

Once you have an ONNX model, you'll integrate the model into your app's code, and then, you'll be able use machine learning in your Windows apps and devices!