Release notes

This page records updates to Windows ML in the latest builds of the Windows 10 SDK.

Windows ML NuGet Package - May 2020 version

  • Built on ONNX Runtime 1.3
  • Corresponds to MachineLearningContract v3
  • Support for ONNX 1.6 and opset 11
  • CPU execution supported down to Windows 8.1; GPU execution supported down to Windows 10 version 1709
  • Certified known tested paths are Desktop Applications using C++. Store applications and the Windows Application Certification Kit are not yet supported.

Build 19041 (Windows 10, version 2004)

Support for ONNX 1.4 and opset 9 (CPU and GPU)

API Surface additions:


  • WinMLTools converters supports new ONNX versions and opset
  • Optimizations to WinMLRunner exposing new performance metrics

Build 18362 (Windows 10, version 1903)

All features and updates from previous flighted builds:

Build 18829

Build 18290

  • Min supported ONNX version = 1.2.2 (opset 7)
  • Max supported ONNX version = 1.3 (opset 8)
  • Supports model size reduction via post-training weight quantization. You can use the latest version of WinMLTools to pack the weights of your model down to int8.

Build 17763 (Windows 10, version 1809)

Known issues

  • For models containing sequences, MLGen generates an IList<Dictionary<key, value>> instead of the proper IList<IDictionary<key, value>>, leading to empty results. To fix this issue, simply replace the automatically generated code with the appropriate IList<IDictionary<key, value>> instead.

Build 17723


Use the following resources for help with Windows ML:

  • To ask or answer technical questions about Windows ML, please use the windows-machine-learning tag on Stack Overflow.
  • To report a bug, please file an issue on our GitHub.
  • To request a feature, please head over to Windows Developer Feedback.