Release notes

This page records updates to Windows ML in the latest builds of the Windows 10 SDK.

Build 18362 (Windows 10, version 1903)

All features and updates from previous flighted builds:

Build 18829

Build 18290

  • Min supported ONNX version = 1.2.2 (opset 7)
  • Max supported ONNX version = 1.3 (opset 8)
  • Supports model size reduction via post-training weight quantization. You can use the latest version of WinMLTools to pack the weights of your model down to int8.

Build 17763 (Windows 10, version 1809)

Known issues

  • For models containing sequences, MLGen generates an IList<Dictionary<key, value>> instead of the proper IList<IDictionary<key, value>>, leading to empty results. To fix this issue, simply replace the automatically generated code with the appropriate IList<IDictionary<key, value>> instead.

Build 17723


Use the following resources for help with Windows ML:

  • To ask or answer technical questions about Windows ML, please use the windows-machine-learning tag on Stack Overflow.
  • To report a bug, please file an issue on our GitHub.
  • To request a feature, please head over to Windows Developer Feedback.