App-V Planning Checklist

Applies to: Windows 10, version 1607

This checklist can be used to help you plan for preparing your organization for an App-V deployment.


This checklist outlines the recommended steps and a high-level list of items to consider when planning an App-V deployment. It's a good idea to copy this checklist and customize it for your use.

Status Task References Notes
Checklist box Review the getting started information about App-V to gain a basic understanding of the product before beginning deployment planning. Getting started with App-V
Checklist box Plan for App-V deployment prerequisites and prepare your computing environment. App-V prerequisites
Checklist box If you plan to use the App-V management server, plan for the required roles. Planning for the App-V server deployment
Checklist box Plan for the App-V sequencer and client to create and run virtualized applications. Planning for the App-V Sequencer and client deployment
Checklist box If applicable, review the options and steps for migrating from a previous version of App-V. Migrating to App-V from a previous version
Checklist box Decide whether to configure App-V clients in Shared Content Store mode. Deploying the App-V Sequencer and configuring the client

Planning for App-V