Enable or block Windows Mixed Reality apps in the enterprise

Applies to

  • Windows 10

Windows 10, version 1709 (also known as the Fall Creators Update), introduces Windows Mixed Reality. Organizations that use Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) must take action to enable Windows Mixed Reality. Any organization that wants to prohibit use of Windows Mixed Reality can block the installation of the Mixed Reality Portal.

Enable Windows Mixed Reality in WSUS

To enable users to download the Windows Mixed Reality software for devices running Windows 10, version 1703, enterprises using WSUS can approve Windows Mixed Reality package by unblocking KB4016509: FeatureOnDemandOasis - Windows 10 version 1703 for x64-based Systems.

Enterprises devices running Windows 10, version 1709, will not be able to install Windows Mixed Reality Feature on Demand (FOD) directly from WSUS. Instead, use one of the following options to install Windows Mixed Reality software:

Block the Mixed Reality Portal

You can use the AppLocker configuration service provider (CSP) to block the Mixed Reality software.

In the following example, the Id can be any generated GUID and the Name can be any name you choose. Note that BinaryName="*" allows you to block any app executable in the Mixed Reality Portal package. Binary/VersionRange, as shown in the example, will block all versions of the Mixed Reality Portal app.

<SyncML xmlns="SYNCML:SYNCML1.2">
                    <Format xmlns="syncml:metinf">chr</Format>
                    <Type xmlns="syncml:metinf">text/plain</Type>
                  &lt;RuleCollection Type="Appx" EnforcementMode="Enabled"&gt;
                   &lt;FilePublisherRule Id="a9e18c21-ff8f-43cf-b9fc-db40eed693ba" Name="(Default Rule) All signed packaged apps" Description="Allows members of the Everyone group to run packaged apps that are signed." UserOrGroupSid="S-1-1-0" Action="Allow"&gt;
                      &lt;FilePublisherCondition PublisherName="*" ProductName="*" BinaryName="*"&gt;
                        &lt;BinaryVersionRange LowSection="" HighSection="*" /&gt;
                  &lt;FilePublisherRule Id="d26da4e7-0b01-484d-a8d3-d5b5341b2d55" Name="Block Mixed Reality Portal" Description="" UserOrGroupSid="S-1-1-0" Action="Deny"&gt;
                     &lt;FilePublisherCondition PublisherName="CN=Microsoft Windows, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US" ProductName="Microsoft.Windows.HolographicFirstRun" BinaryName="*"&gt;
                      &lt;BinaryVersionRange LowSection="*" HighSection="*" /&gt;