Developer Kits for Arm64-powered Windows devices

Microsoft has been working hard to enable Windows developers to build Arm64-native apps and tools for Windows on Arm hardware. While there is still lots to be done, there have been some big advances with ARM64EC and new developer kits. These kits will enable you to test your apps and find ways to take advantage of the speed and performance improvements possible with Arm64, including steps forward toward better power consumption, battery life, and accelerated AI & ML workloads.

Qualcomm devkit
Qualcomm Mini Box Desktop powered by Snapdragon
A mini-PC powered by Snapdragon and designed for application development. Learn more about the Snapdragon Developer Kit on the Qualcomm developer network.

New Arm64 Dev Device Placeholder
"Project Volterra" (coming soon!)
The new "Project Volterra" Arm64-powered Windows device is coming soon! Check back for more details.

Set up your Windows on Arm device for development

Most Microsoft tools and services can be installed and run on these Arm64-powered devices just like on an x64 device. We've listed some of the most popular developer tools that can be installed below.

Install Visual Studio on your Arm device

Install Windows developer tools on your Arm device

Build a Windows desktop app that runs on Arm devices

We recommend Using ARM64EC to build Windows 11 apps that run on ARM devices.

Additional development environment set up for your Arm device

Get started with a variety of development frameworks using Windows on your Arm device. Try exploring our guide to help you get started with using React on Windows, NodeJS on Windows, Windows Subsystem for Android, Python, Rust, Blazor, and more.

Set up your development environment on Windows