The BOOTSTRAP configuration service provider sets the Trusted Provisioning Server (TPS) for the device.

Note  BOOTSTRAP CSP is only supported in Windows 10 Mobile.

Note   This configuration service provider requires the ID_CAP_CSP_FOUNDATION and ID_CAP_DEVICE_MANAGEMENT_ADMIN capabilities to be accessed from a network configuration application.

The following image shows the BOOTSTRAP configuration service provider in tree format as used by Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Client Provisioning. The OMA Device Management protocol is not supported with this configuration service provider.

bootstrap csp (cp)

Optional. Specifies a context for the TPS. Only one context is supported, so this parameter is ignored and "0" is assumed for its value.

Required. Specifies the location of a Trusted Provisioning Server (TPS). The PROVURL value must be a complete URL string with a maximum length of 256 characters.

Configuration service provider reference