Provisioning CSP

The Provisioning configuration service provider is used for bulk user enrollment to an MDM service.

Note  Bulk enrollment does not work when two factor authentication is enabled.

For bulk enrollment step-by-step guide, see Bulk enrollment.

The following diagram shows the Provisioning configuration service provider in tree format.

provisioning csp diagram

Root node for Provisioning CSP.

Node for defining bulk enrollment of users into an MDM service.

Unique identifier for the enrollment. For bulk enrollment, this must a service account that is allowed to enroll multiple users. Example, ""

The full URL for the discovery service.

This information is dependent on the AuthPolicy being used. Possible values:

  • Password string for on-premises authentication enrollment
  • Federated security token for federated enrollment
  • Certificate thumb print for certificated based enrollment

Specifies the authentication policy used by the MDM service. Valid values:

  • OnPremise
  • Certificate

Specifies the policy service URL.

Specifies the enrollment service URL.