Provisioning CSP

The Provisioning configuration service provider is used for bulk user enrollment to an MDM service.


 Bulk enrollment does not work when two-factor authentication is enabled.

For bulk enrollment step-by-step guide, see Bulk enrollment.

The following shows the Provisioning configuration service provider in tree format.


./Vendor/MSFT/ProvisioningCommands Root node for Provisioning CSP.

Provisioning/Enrollments Node for defining bulk enrollment of users into an MDM service.

Provisioning/Enrollments/UPN Unique identifier for the enrollment. For bulk enrollment, this must be a service account that is allowed to enroll multiple users. For example, "".

Provisioning/Enrollments/UPN/DiscoveryServiceFullURL The full URL for the discovery service.

Provisioning/Enrollments/UPN/Secret This information is dependent on the AuthPolicy being used. Possible values:

  • Password string for on-premises authentication enrollment
  • Federated security token for federated enrollment
  • Certificate thumbprint for certificated based enrollment

Provisioning/Enrollments/UPN/AuthPolicy Specifies the authentication policy used by the MDM service. Valid values:

  • OnPremise
  • Certificate

Provisioning/Enrollments/UPN/PolicyServiceFullURL Specifies the policy service URL.

Provisioning/Enrollments/UPN/EnrollmentServiceFullURL Specifies the enrollment service URL.