AadLogin Control


(This API has been removed. For the latest guidance on using the Microsoft Graph see the LoginButton control.)

The AadLogin Control leverages existing .NET login libraries to support basic AAD sign-in processes for Microsoft Graph, it relies on the MicrosoftGraphService for authentication.


<Page ...

<controls:AadLogin x:Name="AADLogin1"
    AllowSignInAsDifferentUser="True" />

Example Image

AadLogin animation


Property Type Description
RequiredDelegatedPermissions String[] Gets required delegated permissions for Graph API access
DefaultImage BitmapImage The default image displayed when no user is signed in
View ViewType The visual layout of the control. Default is PictureOnly
AllowSignInAsDifferentUser Boolean Whether or not the menu item for Sign in as a different user is enabled, default value is true
SignInDefaultText String Default text for sign in button
SignOutDefaultText String Default text for sign out button
SignInAnotherUserDefaultText String Default text for Sign in with another account button
CurrentUserId String Gets the unique identifier for current signed in user


Method Return Type Description
SignInAsync bool Method to call when to trigger the user signin. UX of the control is updated if successful. Returns false if the user cancels sign in
SignOut void Method to call to signout the currently signed on user


Method Type Description
SignInCompleted EventHandler<SignInEventArgs> Occurs when a user signs in
SignInFailed EventHandler<SignInFailedEventArgs> Obsolete. Occurs when sign in failed when attempting to sign in. Only fires when an exception occurs during the sign in process and not when the user cancels sign in.
SignOutCompleted EventHandler Occurs when the user clicks on SignOut, or the SignOut() method is called. Developers should clear any cached usage of GraphServiceClient objects they receive this event

Sample Code

First of all, initialize the MicrosoftGraphService with your Azure AD v2.0 app, this should be done globally with the combined and unique delegate permissions required by all Graph controls and services used in your app.

MicrosoftGraphService.Instance.AuthenticationModel = MicrosoftGraphEnums.AuthenticationModel.V2;


AadLogin Sample Page Source. You can see this in action in the Windows Community Toolkit Sample App.

Default Template

AadLogin XAML File is the XAML template used in the toolkit for the default styling.


Device family Universal, 10.0.16299.0 or higher
Namespace Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.UI.Controls.Graph
NuGet package Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.UI.Controls.Graph