PowerBIEmbedded Control

The PowerBIEmbedded Control is a simple wrapper to an IFRAME for a PowerBI embed.


<Page ...

<controls:PowerBIEmbedded x:Name="PowerBIEmbedded1"
    GroupId="xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx" />

Example Image

PowerBIEmbedded animation


Property Type Description
ClientId String Gets or sets the client id of Azure AD app registration (v1)
GroupId String Gets or sets the identifier of a Group. Optional when EmbedUrl is specified, if this is used, a dropdown will appear that lets users select amongst different reports in a Group
EmbedUrl String Gets or sets the Url of the embed, optional when GroupId is specified
ShowFilter Boolean Gets or sets a value indicating whether show the filter pane


  1. Follow the MicrosoftGraphService to create Azure AD app registration (v1), and grant the permissions below.

    • Microsoft Graph

      • Sign in and read user profile
      • Read all users' basic profiles
      • Sign users in
    • Windows Azure Active Directory

      • Sign in and read user profile
    • Power BI Service (Microsoft.Azure.AnalysisServices)

      • View all datapools
      • View users Groups
      • View all Groups
      • View all Reports
      • View all Datasets
      • View all Dashboards
      • View all workspaces PowerBIEmbedded Permissions
  1. Follow this article to do the primary tasks below.

    • Create Power BI Pro user account
    • Create app workspaces
    • Create Power BI Embedded capacity
    • Create and publish reports
  1. For better report experience in mobile, that's recommended to design phone layout for mobile portrait view in PowerBI desktop.

Sample Code

PowerBIEmbedded Sample Page Source. You can see this in action in Windows Community Toolkit Sample App.

Default Template

PowerBIEmbedded XAML File is the XAML template used in the toolkit for the default styling.


Device family Universal, 10.0.16299.0 or higher
Namespace Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.UI.Controls.Graph
NuGet package Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.UI.Controls.Graph