GraphLogin Component

The GraphLogin component is a Windows Forms component that provides an easy to use experience for authenticating with Azure AD and the Microsoft Graph. This component is being provided for Windows Forms developers that need a Microsoft Graph authentication solution on Windows 10 builds 1803 and earlier and on Windows 7.

This component wraps the Toolkit's MicrosoftGraphService for an easy to use Login experience. The control then provides read-only properties about the logged on user and an instance of the GraphServiceClient which can be used for additional calls with the Microsoft Graph SDK.


Before using this component, the application must be registered in the Azure AD v2 endpoint. For more information on registering your app see


To use this sample code in a Windows Forms application, install the Microsoft.Toolkit.Win32.UI.Controls nuget package, and add a button, 2 labels, and a picturebox on the form. Then drag a GraphLogin component from the toolbox on to the form, and enter the following code:

	using Microsoft.Toolkit.Services.Services.MicrosoftGraph;

	// Instance of Microsoft Graph 
	private GraphServiceClient graphClient = null;

        public Form1()

            // values to connect to Microsoft Graph
            graphLoginComponent1.ClientId = "{your app's clientid}";
            graphLoginComponent1.Scopes = new string[] { MicrosoftGraphScope.UserRead };

        private async void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (!await graphLoginComponent1.LoginAsync())

            //update the user's display fields
            label1.Text = graphLoginComponent1.DisplayName;
            label2.Text = graphLoginComponent1.JobTitle;
            pictureBox1.Image = graphLoginComponent1.Photo;

            // Do more things with the graph
            graphClient = graphLoginComponent1.GraphServiceClient;


Property Type Description
ClientId string The ClientId of the application as registered with Azure AD v2
Scopes string[] An array of scopes requested for the Microsoft Graph. Use values from the MicrosoftGraphScope enum
DisplayName string Display name for the logged on user from the Microsoft Graph
JobTitle string Job title for the logged on user from the Microsoft Graph
Email string Email address (UPN) for the logged on user from the Microsoft Graph
Photo System.Drawing.Image Profile picture for the logged on user from the Microsoft Graph
GraphServiceClient Microsoft.Graph.GraphServiceClient The GraphServiceClient instance for the logged on user from the Microsoft Graph


Methods Return Type Description
LoginAsync bool Returns true of success, false otherwise


Device family .NetFramework 4.6.1 or higher
Namespace Microsoft.Toolkit.Services.WinForms
NuGet package Microsoft.Toolkit.Services

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