Use Time to configure settings for time zone setup for Windows 10, version (TBD) and later.

Applies to

Setting Desktop editions Mobile editions Surface Hub HoloLens IoT Core
ProvisionSetTimeZone X


Set to True to skip time zone assignment when the first user signs in, in which case the device will remain in its default time zone. For the proper configuration, you should also use Policies > TimeLanguageSettings > ConfigureTimeZone to set the default time zone.


Configuring a time zone in Policies > TimeLanguageSettings > ConfigureTimeZone accomplishes the same purpose as setting ProvisionSetTimeZone to True, so you don't need to configure both settings.

Set to False for time zone assignment to occur when the first user signs in. The user will be prompted to select a time zone during first sign-in.


Do not set Time > ProvisionSetTimeZone to False and also set a time zone in Policies > TimeLanguageSettings > ConfigureTimeZone.