Workplace (reference)

Use Workplace settings to configure bulk user enrollment to a mobile device management (MDM) service. For more information, see Bulk enrollment step-by-step.

Applies to

Setting Desktop editions Mobile editions Surface Hub HoloLens IoT Core
Enrollments X X X X


Select Enrollments, enter a UPN, and then click Add to configure the settings for the enrollment. The UPN is a unique identifier for enrollment. For bulk enrollment, this must a service account that is allowed to enroll multiple users. Example, ""

Settings Value Description
AuthPolicy - OnPremise
- Certificate
The authentication policy used by the MDM service
DiscoveryServiceFullUrl URL The full URL for the discovery service
EnrollmentServiceFullUrl URL The full URL for the enrollment service
PolicyServiceFullUrl URL The full URL for the policy service
Secret - Password string for on-premises authentication enrollment
- Federated security token for federated enrollment
- Certificate thumb print for certificate-based enrollment
Enter the appropriate value for the selected AuthPolicy