Choose a Migration Store Type

One of the main considerations for planning your migration is to determine which migration store type best meets your needs. As part of these considerations, determine how much space is required to run the User State Migration Tool (USMT) 10.0 components on your source and destination computers, and how much space is needed to create and host the migration store, whether you are using a local share, network share, or storage device. The final consideration is ensuring that user date integrity is maintained by encrypting the migration store.

In This Section

Migration Store Types Overview

Choose the migration store type that works best for your needs and migration scenario.

Estimate Migration Store Size

Estimate the amount of disk space needed for computers in your organization based on information about your organization's infrastructure.

Hard-Link Migration Store

Learn about hard-link migration stores and the scenarios in which they are used.

Migration Store Encryption

Learn about the using migration store encryption to protect user data integrity during a migration.

Plan Your Migration

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