Switch to Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise from S mode

We recommend staying in S mode. However, in some limited scenarios, you might need to switch to Windows 10 Pro. You can switch devices running Windows 10, version 1709 or later. Use the following information to switch to Windows 10 Pro through the Microsoft Store.


While it’s free to switch to Windows 10 Pro, it’s not reversible. The only way to rollback this kind of switch is through a bare metal recover (BMR) reset. This restores a Windows device to the factory state, even if the user needs to replace the hard drive or completely wipe the drive clean. If a device is switched out of S mode via the Microsoft Store, it will remain out of S mode even after the device is reset.

How to switch

If you’re running Windows 10, version 1709 or version 1803, you can switch to Windows 10 Pro through the Microsoft Store. Devices running version 1803 will only be able to switch through the Store one device at a time.

  1. Sign into the Microsoft Store using your Microsoft account.
  2. Search for "S mode"
  3. In the offer, click Buy, Get, OR Learn more. You'll be prompted to save your files before the switch starts. Follow the prompts to switch to Windows 10 Pro.

Keep Line of Business apps functioning with Desktop Bridge

Worried about your LOB apps not working in S mode? Using Desktop Bridge will enable you to convert your Line of Business apps to a packaged app with UWP manifest. After testing and validating you can distribute the app through the Windows Store or existing channels.

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Repackage win32 apps into the MSIX format

The MSIX Packaging Tool (Preview) is now available to install from the Microsoft Store. The MSIX Packaging Tool enables you to repackage your existing win32 applications to the MSIX format. You can run your desktop installers through this tool interactively and obtain an MSIX package that you can install on your machine and upload to the Microsoft Store.

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