Moving Existing Users to the Organizational Unit

When the enterprise administrator, Joe Worden, upgrades the Windows NT 4.0 domain to Active Directory, all users and groups are migrated to the Users containers in the Fabrikam domain. Joe can now move those users and groups to the appropriate organizational units. An object can also be moved between related Windows 2000 domains using ADSI.

In the following code example, Joe moves "jeffsmith" to the Sales organization.

Set usr = salesOU.MoveHere("LDAP://CN=jeffsmith,CN=Users,DC=fabrikam,DC=com", vbNullString)

The IADsContainer.MoveHere method takes the ADsPath of the object to be moved and the new object name (RDN). To keep the same name, you can specify NULL (vbNullString) for the bstrNewName parameter. To rename the object when it is moved, specify the new relative distinguished name for the bstrNewName parameter. For example, to move jeffsmith to the sales organization and rename the "jeffsmith" object to "jeff_smith" in the same operation, Joe would execute the following code:

Set usr = salesOU.MoveHere("LDAP://CN=jeffsmith,CN=Users,DC=Fabrikam,DC=com", "CN=jeff_smith")

Creating New Users in the Organizational Unit