MsiPatchOldAssemblyName Table

The MsiPatchOldAssemblyName table specifies the old name for an assembly.

The MsiPatchOldAssemblyName table has the following columns.

Column Type Key Nullable
Assembly Identifier Y N
Name Text Y N
Value Text N N




Unique identifier for the old assembly name. This key is used as a mapping between this and the MsiPatchOldAssemblyFile table.


Name of the attribute associated with the value specified in the Value column.


Value associated with the name specified in the Name column.


Windows Installer uses the MsiPatchOldAssemblyFile table and MsiPatchOldAssemblyName table when patching assemblies installed to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). When releasing a newer version of an assembly, the strong name of the assembly is changed. The two tables together identify the old assembly name for an updated assembly. This allows the Installer to use the old assembly name to find the original file in the GAC and apply a binary patch. Without this information, the installer may have to access the original installation source in order to patch an assembly installed in the GAC.

The MsiPatchOldAssemblyFile table and MsiPatchOldAssemblyName table are not generated automatically by PatchWiz. The update package specified in the UpgradedImages table is required to contain these tables for the patch to have this information.