The windowlessVideo property specifies or retrieves a value indicating whether the Windows Media Player control renders video in windowless mode.



Possible Values

This property is a Boolean that is specified at design time and is read-only thereafter.

Value Description
true The video is rendered in windowless mode.
false Default. The video is rendered in windowed mode.


By default, an embedded Windows Media Player control renders video in its own window within the client area. When windowlessVideo is set to true, the Player control renders video directly in the client area, so you can apply special effects or layer the video with text.

In Windows Vista, rendering video in windowless mode can degrade performance.

The windowlessVideo property is not supported for Netscape Navigator. Setting a value for this property in Navigator may yield unexpected results.

Windows Media Player 10 Mobile: This property is not supported.


Windows Media Player for Windows XP or later.