Windows Media Metafile Elements Reference

This section contains reference documentation for all Windows Media metafile elements for client-side applications. Reference entries include definitions of the elements, their attributes and values, and special conditions related to each element.

The following metafile elements are supported for client-side applications.

Element Description
ABSTRACT Contains text that describes the associated ASX, BANNER, or ENTRY element.
ASX Defines a file as a Windows Media metafile.
AUTHOR Contains the name of the author of a media clip or a Windows Media metafile.
BANNER Specifies a URL for a graphic that appears in the display panel of Windows Media Player.
BASE Specifies a string that is appended to the front of URLs sent to Windows Media Player.
Comments Specifies the XML syntax for comments ( ).
COPYRIGHT Contains the copyright information for an ASX or ENTRY element.
DURATION Specifies the length of time Windows Media Player renders a stream.
ENDMARKER Specifies a marker at which Windows Media Player stops rendering the stream.
ENTRY Specifies the path for a media clip.
ENTRYREF Links to the ENTRY elements in an external Windows Media metafile that has an .asx, .wax, .wvx, or .wmx extension.
EVENT Defines a behavior or action taken by Windows Media Player when it receives a script command labeled as an event.
LOGURL Instructs Windows Media Player to submit any log data to the specified URL.
MOREINFO Specifies a URL for a website, email address, or script command associated with a show, clip, or banner.
PARAM Specifies the value of a custom parameter associated with a playlist or an element of a playlist.
PREVIEWDURATION Specifies the length of time a clip is played in preview mode.
REF Specifies a URL for a piece of digital media content.
REPEAT Specifies the number of times Windows Media Player repeats one or more ENTRY or ENTRYREF elements.
SKIN (deprecated) Specifies a URL to an embedded skin.
STARTMARKER Specifies a marker at which Windows Media Player starts rendering the stream.
STARTTIME Specifies a time at which Windows Media Player will start rendering the stream.
TITLE Contains the title of an ASX or ENTRY element.