CIM Class Qualifiers for MIB Objects

The SNMP Provider uses the following CIM class qualifiers when mapping MIB object definitions to CIM class definitions. A mandatory qualifier must be present for the SNMP Provider to fully resolve a group object. Failure to define a mandatory qualifier returns an error. Specifying an illegal qualifier value also returns an error.


For more information about installing the provider, see Setting up the WMI SNMP Environment.

Qualifier Description
Description stringOptional
Description of the class.
Group_Objectid stringMandatory, if the class is for the SNMP class provider.
Object identifier of the fabricated collection.
Module_Imports stringOptional
Comma-separated list of MIB module names used to resolve imports.
Module_Name stringOptional
Identity name of a MIB module.
Reference stringOptional
Refers to another document that contains more information about the class.
Singleton BoolMandatory for classes mapped from scalar collections.
Indicates a class that can only have one instance.