CIM Schema Compatibility

A key component of the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) infrastructure is an object-oriented model of the manageable entities in a system. The model conforms to a standard maintained by the Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF) and is known as the Common Information Model (CIM). The CIM schema provides a single data description mechanism for any data that they provide.

Starting in Windows 7, WMI is compatible with the CIM Schema version 2.17.1 ( Users can now compile a DMTF defined schema on a Windows computer.

Benefits of CIM Schema version 2.17.1 compatibility

  • When a user downloads CIM Schema version 2.17.1 or DMTF MOF files, they can be successfully compiled on the target Windows computer.
  • The CIM Schema version 2.17.1 added support for BIOS, printers, standard messages, operating system state, modern power management paradigms, virtualization and security.
  • CIM Schema version offers additional profile support. For more information, see Cross Namespace Association Traversal