SNMP Events

The SNMP provider supports writing to log files and to the debugger.


For more information about installing the provider, see Setting up the WMI SNMP Environment.

A number of registry keys and values define the level and type of logging currently being generated:

  • Debugging

    The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WBEM\PROVIDERS\LOGGING registry key contains the logging value that indicates whether information can be written to the debugger. The logging value is set either to 0 to disable debugging output or 1 to enable it. Logging is a REG_DWORD value.

  • Logging

    The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WBEM\PROVIDERS\LOGGING\WBEMSNMP registry key holds all of the logging information specific to the SNMP provider. The following table lists the values associated with this key.

Value Description
Takes one of the following values:
"File" = (Default) Sends debugging output to a file.
"Debugger" = Sends debugging output to the debugger.
Takes integer values from 1024 to 2^32-1. The value is the maximum allowed size in bytes for the log file. If less than 1024, the logging mechanism uses a value of 1024. A minimum size of 8 KB is recommended for this value. When the file reaches the size specified by MaxFileSize, the file name is prepended with a '~' character and a new file is created. Therefore, the maximum disk space required for logging is twice this value.
Defines the name of the file to which the debugging output is sent when the logging type is set to 'File'. The default value is '<WBEMLOGS>\wbemsnmp.log.' If the <WBEMLOGS> directory cannot be determined from the WMI registry section, the value defaults to 'c:\wbemsnmp.log'. If a share is used, such as \\machine\share\wbemsnmp.log or M:\wbemsnmp.log where M: is \\machine\share, the local SYSTEM account on which WMI runs must have read/write access rights to the \\machine\share.
Takes integer values from 0 through 2^32-1. The value is a logical mask consisting of 32 bits. The following bit masks are combined to define the type of debugging output generated:
  • 0: SNMP class provider [IWbemServices](/windows/desktop/api/WbemCli/nn-wbemcli-iwbemservices) method invocations
  • 1: SNMP class provider implementation
  • 2: SNMP instance provider [IWbemServices](/windows/desktop/api/WbemCli/nn-wbemcli-iwbemservices) method invocations
  • 3: SNMP instance provider implementation
  • 4: SNMP class library
  • 5: SNMP SMIR
  • 6: SNMP correlator
  • 7: SNMP type mapping code
  • 8: SNMP threading code
  • 9: SNMP event provider interfaces and implementation
Set Level to (2^0 + 2^8=) 257 for operations involving calls to the SNMP class provider [IWbemServices](/windows/desktop/api/WbemCli/nn-wbemcli-iwbemservices) methods, and operations using SNMP threading code.