functiondiscoveryapi.h header

This header is used by Other Devices Technologies. For more information, see:


Title Description
IFunctionDiscovery This interface is used by client programs to discover function instances, get the default function instance for a category, and create advanced Function Discovery query objects that enable registering Function Discovery defaults, among other things.
IFunctionDiscoveryNotification This interface is implemented by the client program to support asynchronous queries and is called by Function Discovery to notify the client program when a function instance that meets the query parameters has been added or removed.
IFunctionInstance A function instance is created as the result of calling one of the IFunctionDiscovery methods; client program do not create these objects themselves.
IFunctionInstanceCollection Represents a group of IFunctionInstance objects returned as the result of a query or get instance request.
IFunctionInstanceCollectionQuery Implements the asynchronous query for a collection of function instances based on category and subcategory.
IFunctionInstanceQuery Implements the asynchronous query for a function instance based on category and subcategory.


Title Description
QueryUpdateAction Represents the type of action Function Discovery is performing on the specified function instance. This information is used by the client program's change notification handler.
SystemVisibilityFlags Determines the visibility of the function instance's data.