IAppxManifestReader interface

Represents an object model of the package manifest that provides methods to access manifest elements and attributes.


The IAppxManifestReader interface has these methods.

Method Description
IAppxManifestReader::GetApplications Gets an enumerator that iterates through the applications defined in the manifest.
IAppxManifestReader::GetCapabilities Gets the list of capabilities requested by the package.
IAppxManifestReader::GetDeviceCapabilities Gets an enumerator that iterates through the device capabilities defined in the manifest.
IAppxManifestReader::GetPackageDependencies Gets an enumerator that iterates through dependencies defined in the manifest.
IAppxManifestReader::GetPackageId Gets the package identifier defined in the manifest.
IAppxManifestReader::GetPrerequisite Gets the specified prerequisite as defined in the package manifest.
IAppxManifestReader::GetProperties Gets the properties of the package as defined in the manifest.
IAppxManifestReader::GetResources Gets an enumerator that iterates through the resources defined in the manifest.
IAppxManifestReader::GetStream Gets the raw XML parsed and read by the manifest reader.


Do not implement this object. Use the provided implementation instead.

This IAppxManifestReader object parses and validates the app package manifest and exposes elements and attributes in the manifest in a type-safe manner. This object can also be used to get an underlying IStream for the raw XML if needed.

Note  Starting with Windows 8.1, we recommend not to use IAppxManifestReader::GetResources anymore to only iterate over the Language values in the manifest. Instead, use IAppxManifestReader2::GetResources because it iterates over other resource qualifiers as well, such as, Scale and DXFeatureLevel.
This object can be retrieved using the CreateManifestReader method of the IAppxFactory interface or the GetManifest method of the IAppxPackageReader interface. In either case, the manifest is validated before returning the IAppxManifestReader object. If the XML is not syntactically valid, then the above mentioned methods fail, and the IAppxManifestReader object is not returned.


For an example, see Quickstart: Read app package manifest info.


Windows version Windows 8 [desktop apps only] Windows Server 2012 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header appxpackaging.h

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