ICatalogCollection interface

Represents any collection in the COM+ catalog. ICatalogCollection enables you to enumerate, add, remove, and retrieve items in a collection and to access related collections.


The ICatalogCollection interface has these methods.

Method Description
ICatalogCollection::Add Adds an item to the collection, giving it the high index value.
ICatalogCollection::get__NewEnum Retrieves an enumerator that can be used to iterate through the collection objects.
ICatalogCollection::get_AddEnabled Indicates whether the Add method is enabled for the collection.
ICatalogCollection::get_Count Retrieves the number of items in the collection.
ICatalogCollection::get_DataStoreMajorVersion Retrieves the major version number of the catalog data store.
ICatalogCollection::get_DataStoreMinorVersion Retrieves the minor version number of the catalog data store.
ICatalogCollection::get_Item Retrieves the item that correspond to the specified index.
ICatalogCollection::get_Name Retrieves the name of the collection.
ICatalogCollection::get_RemoveEnabled Indicates whether the Remove method is enabled for the collection.
ICatalogCollection::GetCollection Retrieves a collection from the COM+ catalog that is related to the current collection.
ICatalogCollection::GetUtilInterface Retrieves the utility interface for the collection.
ICatalogCollection::Populate Populates the collection with data for all items contained in the collection.
ICatalogCollection::PopulateByKey Populates a selected list of items in the collection from the COM+ catalog, based on the specified keys.
ICatalogCollection::PopulateByQuery Reserved for future use.
ICatalogCollection::Remove Removes an item from the collection, given its index, and re-indexes the items with higher index values.
ICatalogCollection::SaveChanges Saves all pending changes made to the collection and the items it contains to the COM+ catalog data store.


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header comadmin.h

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