IMathInputControl interface

The IMathInputControl interface exposes methods that turn ink input into interpreted math output.


The IMathInputControl interface has these methods.

Method Description
IMathInputControl::AddFunctionName Adds a new function-name definition to the list of custom math functions that the recognizer accepts.
IMathInputControl::Clear Clears all ink from the control.
IMathInputControl::EnableAutoGrow Determines whether the control automatically grows when input is entered beyond the control's current range.
IMathInputControl::EnableExtendedButtons Determines whether the extended set of control buttons is shown.
IMathInputControl::GetHoverIcon Retrieves the icon to be used for the hover target to launch math input control.
IMathInputControl::GetPosition Retrieves the position and size of the control.
IMathInputControl::GetPreviewHeight Retrieves the height in pixels of the preview area.
IMathInputControl::Hide Hides the control.
IMathInputControl::IsVisible Determines whether the control is visible.
IMathInputControl::LoadInk Processes ink and triggers recognition.
IMathInputControl::RemoveFunctionName Removes a function-name definition from the list of custom math functions that the recognizer accepts.
IMathInputControl::SetCaptionText Modifies the string that will be used as the control's caption when the window is created.
IMathInputControl::SetCustomPaint Determines whether a button or background has custom painting.
IMathInputControl::SetOwnerWindow Modifies the window that owns this control.
IMathInputControl::SetPosition Modifies the location and size of the control.
IMathInputControl::SetPreviewHeight Modifies the preview-area height in pixels.
IMathInputControl::Show Shows the control.


Target Platform Windows
Header micaut.h