ITypeLib interface

Represents a type library, the data that describes a set of objects. A type library can be a stand-alone binary file (.TLB), a resource in a dynamic link library or executable file (.DLL, .OLB, or .EXE).


The ITypeLib interface has these methods.

Method Description
ITypeLib::FindName Finds occurrences of a type description in a type library. This may be used to quickly verify that a name exists in a type library.
ITypeLib::GetDocumentation Retrieves the documentation string for the library, the complete Help file name and path, and the context identifier for the library Help topic in the Help file.
ITypeLib::GetLibAttr Retrieves the structure that contains the library's attributes.
ITypeLib::GetTypeComp Enables a client compiler to bind to the types, variables, constants, and global functions for a library.
ITypeLib::GetTypeInfo Retrieves the specified type description in the library.
ITypeLib::GetTypeInfoCount Provides the number of type descriptions that are in a type library.
ITypeLib::GetTypeInfoOfGuid Retrieves the type description that corresponds to the specified GUID.
ITypeLib::GetTypeInfoType Retrieves the type of a type description.
ITypeLib::IsName Indicates whether a passed-in string contains the name of a type or member described in the library.
ITypeLib::ReleaseTLibAttr Releases the TLIBATTR originally obtained from GetLibAttr.


The system registry contains a list of all the installed type libraries. Type library organization is illustrated in the following figure:

The ITypeLib interface provides methods for accessing a library of type descriptions. This interface supports the following:
  • Generalized containment for type information. ITypeLib allows iteration over the type descriptions contained in the library.
  • Global functions and data. A type library can contain descriptions of a set of modules (.DLLs) that exports data and functions. The type library supports compiling references to the exported data and functions.
  • General information, including a user-readable name for the library and help for the library as a whole.


Target Platform Windows
Header oaidl.h

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